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Unleash Creativity.
Streamline Workflow.

Thinker is a simple tool to organize your ideas and projects

into Virtual Whiteboard and track their progress with Kanban Board.

Try out Thinker right in your browser

Note: This is only a Playground app for Thinker so no data is stored and some features are disabled.


Sleek and minimalist Whiteboarding powerhouse!

With Thinker, Experience effortless creativity with our user-friendly whiteboard app! Seamlessly upload images, free-draw, and explore many features of Thinker with zero learning curve. Built with tldraw;


Track, Organize, and Thrive: Your Kanban Companion

Simplify project tracking with Thinker's minimalist Kanban board. Visualize tasks, streamline workflow, and boost productivity. Thinker Kanbans are designed for simplicity without compromising functionality. Start organizing your projects with ease today.


Streamline Your Thoughts, Markdown Made Effortless!

Discover effortless note-taking and document creation with Thinker's minimalist Markdown editor. From jotting down quick ideas to crafting detailed documents, Thinker makes it simple and distraction free.


New Features Under Work!

No More Switching Apps to Browse!

With Thinker's new Inbuilt browser, You can look for your inspirations without leaving the app. Directly copy-paste texts or links into your Whiteboard and we will handle the rest.

Founder's 1min 20sec Pitch
(and Product demo)

Somtirtha Dey, IND

"Thinker has been really helpful for me, as I have been using it in the classroom, to explain things to students, alongside providing them notes and everything." 

Samuel Dominic, NYC

"As a Soloprenuer, I find Thinker useful to brainstorm my project ideas as well as track my todos in the Kanban Board"

Hinata, JPN

“Thinker is fun and easy to use for my UX Design Projects”

Want to buy?
Pay What Works for You!

Thinker started as a hobby project when Products like Notion or Milanote, even though feature-rich, seemed to charge exorbitant prices for simple requirements. Thinker was built to help creative folks like you and me brainstorm, be organized, and track progress, all at affordable pricing. Thinker will always be free for people who need such an app but can't afford it. I use the sales proceeds to build Thinker Cloud and also fund my film projects.

Thinker for Mac Logo

Unlock all the features of Thinker for Windows at the cost of a Pizza, on 1 Device.

Thinker for Mac Logo

Unlock all the features of Thinker for Mac at the cost of a Pizza,

on 1 Device

Life Time Access on Purchase

If you are a Student who can't afford to pay 12.49$, Tell me your story! I will give you a Student Discount (Applicable for Students only)

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The Thinker Blogs

- Coming Soon! -

Thinker Cloud

It is under rapid development and will be out by the end of Third Quarter

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